Compression Socks For Women & Men – 20-25mmHg – 1 to 4 Pairs Stockings for Running, Athletic,Varicose Veins, Travel


✅ PROMOTES HEALTHY CIRCULATION for Athletes and Nurses or anyone on their feet all day, to reduce muscle soreness and promote faster recovery. Better oxygen circulation helps reduce lactic acid build up. Helps relieve restless leg syndrome and shin splint. Wearing daily can help fight fatigue, soreness and muscle strain
✅ COMPRESSION SOCKS DEFINITION – Compression socks are specialized socks that makes pressure on your legs and veins. Pressure given by the socks makes blood in your legs circulate more faster. Circulation helps to reduce the diameter of all the distended veins and increase venous blood flow velocity. Flow also makes valves more effective.
✅ PERFECT FIT, DURABLE, ANTI-ODOR AND LONG-LASTING – tough nylon and spandex combination ensures socks are thick, yet super-soft and non-irritating. Material will not lose any compression on washing.